Image of Deception

Expectations should include:
Creepiness, Psychoticness,
Humour, Blood, Boobs, Bums, Sex
and General Beauty

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2000th Post! :D


My lover and I both got into university!! :D

Mannikdreamer is reading Criminology and Psychology at Brighton Uni 

I shall be reading Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at Aberystwyth Uni

So very proud of us both! :D 

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Anonymous said: Can't you go on holiday somewhere to relax or a day trip to a place you've enjoyed?


I need money to do that which I do not have available right now. I wish I could pack up and get as far away from here as I can for a week or two but it’s just not possible


he said come here babygirl


he said come here babygirl

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